Maed for mini

Maed for mini is a Rotterdam born, Amsterdam based Dutch unisex kids brand for 0-6 years founded by Maerle Mulder & Edward Ouwerkerk. Proud parents of two.  Because of the use of mature colors, soft organic quality materials and original designs, they create clothing that attract parents and that kids love to wear.

They find inspiration in shared fascinations, the daily family life and take pleasure injecting some humor into the designs. They advocate supporting local businesses and talent and recognize the responsibilities towards the environment, their employees and the people who make the products, so they will always work hard to be a even more sustainable company.

Chino pants sneaky snake Quick shop
Legging sahara leopard Quick shop
Legging goofy camel Quick shop
Bodysuit sahara leopard Quick shop
Bodysuit sleeveless blue leopard Quick shop
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Hat red leopard


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Socks sahara leopard Quick shop
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