Matona is a family run kidswear brand based in the Alps of Austria. They focus on making sustainable clothing that is timeless and functional yet modern & stylish.

Their collection is 100% made in the EU - starting from flax cultivation and weaving the linen fabrics to the finished garment.

Flax is an unbeatable sustainable material. In flax cultivation there is no need to irrigate and pest control is hardly neccessary. Flax can only be cultivated on the same field every seven years - that keeps the soil fertile and preserves the health of the ecosystem.

Linen fabric is extremely durable - perfect for kidswear. Furthermore the material has a cooling effect, is naturally antibacterial, dust - and dirt resistant and very well suitable for children with allergies and sensitive skin.



Fawn Top caramel Quick shop

Fawn Top caramel


Rye Jumpsuit tarn Quick shop
Lou Salopette stripes / 5-6y Quick shop
Fawn Top fog Quick shop

Fawn Top fog


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Eden Dress sun


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