Wastefree, Hand dyed, Organic, Local and Eco friendly items for your home & family. All entirely designed and made in France. The WHOLE concept implements all these elements from idea to product to distribution. 

With WHOLE we introduce an innovative way of dyeing textiles with no harm done to the environment and completely safe for the consumer. WHOLE is the first cottage industry design brand creating his own organic natural dyes in France. 


The WHOLE office is waste conscious in its everyday activities. 


The pigments and dyes are created in the studio lab everyday ! 


They extract pigments from organic materials collected from partners and markets sharing their philosophy. Every fabric is organic and certified by EcoCert. WHOLE uses only natural textiles including wool, linen and cotton, mainly because they want the best for your comfort and the planet. 


The items are designed and manufactured in their studio. Working together as a close team minimizing distance and transportation and maximizing the human interaction. All of WHOLE’s products are proudly made in France. 


From fabrics to dyes, including packaging and everyday life, WHOLE minimizes its environmental impact and tries to be climate neutral. WHOLE is working for a new textile industry.

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