Blossom play ball / Babylist Cériel Faccenda

Blossom play ball / Babylist Cériel Faccenda

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The Blossom ball is ideal for being baby's first ball. The design is elegant and with simple lines. The texture is soft and the sound is very pleasant. When you pick it up, you can see how the rattle moves, which creates a very pleasant vibration in the hands.

Chasing the ball is one of the games that most promotes the appearance of crawling. The adult can play with the baby to pass the ball, through this game we encourage the child's sociability, waiting for the other's reaction when throwing the ball and understanding turns, along with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. The different colors and shapes promote sensory stimulation.

It is a completely hermetic ball, it can be submerged in water without the risk of water entering, keeping it free of mold and bacteria. Handmade and painted, made of natural rubber and natural pigments, completely biodegradable and sustainable.


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