2 kids and an island in the sun

2 kids and an island in the sun

L’ile de beauté or Corsica is our summer destination this year. A time to recreate some of my childhood memories with Arnaud, Elliott & Bonnie. And meet up for a few days with my parents and sisters family.


Imagine a mixture of pristine beaches, amazing coastline drives, gorgeous little villages, impressive mountain peaks and refreshing natural mountain pools all on one tiny island (which you will have to share with other tourists of course, especially during high season).


I enjoy planning trips and do a lot of research months in advance. However it never goes completely as planned and that’s okay. Because of the heat we’re taking it extra slow and we stay around water sources. Most importantly, we’re spending quality time as a family away from the every day rush.


Here are my summer must haves with these in my top 3:


  1. A big swaddle: I don’t have babies anymore but is till use them especially when travelling. It’s the perfect light blanket, little towel or scarf.
  2. The multi purpose cream by Karma Mama (baby bum balm): an extra nourishing cream for dry spots or rashes.
  3. Pouches: I have an obsession with pouches and every pouch has its function, even if it’s not clear for everyone.


Enjoy summer!


And see you very soon,