About us

What started as a baby & kid concept store in 2016 gradually evolved into a real FAMILY HAPPENING. We carefully select our brands to offer you an unique experience. Our philosophy is to search for pure high quality products with a twist. This is a never ending and exciting journey: finding new brands and products that keep you curious. So every time you come by our shop or browse our webshop you will discover something you haven’t seen before.

What can you find at Teddy? Kids fashion (0-9y), a little something for yourself (him, her, old, young), must haves for a cosy home, fun crafts & games and even out of the box baby lists.

Who are we? 

Hi, I'm Anne. I've always been a bit adventurous and drown to go off the beaten path. After travelling 1,5 years around the world with my husband Arnaud and the birth of our first child Elliott in April 2015, I finally found what I was meant to do and more important what made me happy. The idea came in the summer of 2015 when Elliott was just a few months old. In March 2016 TEDDY came to life. With Elliott as my first muze and everything I see around me as my inspiration, I embrace this exciting journey and follow my heart with every decision I make. Sweet little Bonnie joined our Teddy family in December 2018. In a blink of an eye it brings us to today. Starting a business as a new mother and woman definitely brought a lot of challenges, a lot of ups and downs… but in the end still happy I made this leap of faith. Today I really feel we are creating the Teddy family store it was always meant to be! And more than ever I feel driven by my passion for travelling and (random) creative projects.
                   I'm Charlotte. Straightforward, always relying on my gut feeling and passionate just about anything I set my mind to. I surround myself with music, photography, searching for creative outlets and following roads that don’t always seem conventional. Those wanderings have led me to exactly where I need to be, joined by my love Louis, 2 boys Jack & Marlo and our quirky dog Kiwi. Since 2020 I found my place at Teddy where it is possible to create a unique, personal world with our children and passions as the inspiration for everything. And as we keep evolving so does Teddy. This year, 2023, we went from a baby & kid concept store to Teddy the family concept store. With a clear road in mind, I can’t wait to finetune our vision even more.   
Lots of Love,
Anne & Charlotte