About us: this is Teddy.

About us: this is Teddy.

What started as a baby & kid concept store in 2016 gradually evolved into a real FAMILY HAPPENING. We carefully select our brands to offer you an unique experience. Our philosophy is to search for pure high quality products with a twist. This is a never ending and exciting journey: finding new brands and products that keep you curious. So every time you come by our shop or browse our webshop you will discover something you haven’t seen before.

What can you find at Teddy? Kids fashion (0-9y), a little something for yourself (him, her, old, young), must haves for a cosy home, fun crafts & games and even out of the box baby lists.

And who’s behind Teddy? Just 2 moms: Anne (37y) & Charlotte (35y) who try to juggle it all.

You have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

Lots of love, 
Anne & Charlotte