Studio Romeo

No knots.

Studio Romeo baby carriers don't require any knots, ties, buckles, clips or rings. They consist of two loops of soft organic cotton that thread through each side of the carrier’s shoulders, allowing you to carry your baby in 3 different positions, lying as well as sitting. The slings were conceived to fit with your baby's growth over time and offer perfect back and head support, and can be used from birth to 12 kg.

100% organic.

All Studio Romeo products are made of 100% organic cotton and GOTS-certified. This means that they are made with natural fibres from pesticide-free organic farming. For us, Organic is inseparable from fair trade: hence, we pick fabrics that are entirely Fairtrade certified, or made in conditions close to fair trade handicrafts. Because babies' skins are ultra-sensitive, the colorants we use are natural, and the dyes are from plants or water-pigmented, nontoxic, solvent-free, without heavy metals or Volatile Organic Compounds.

The philosophy.

The psychological advantages of carrying babies in slings benefit the parent-child relationship as well as the cognitive stimulation of the child. The child needs to experience feelings of security and trust that are provided by this close contact with the mother or father. Carrying babies in slings has also an impact on the toddler's behaviour and crying, particularly thanks to the vertical position offered by the slings, which facilitate digestion and reduce regurgitation and diarrhoea – as well as through the feeling of enhanced security experienced by carried babies. By using only natural colorants and plant-based dyes, we eliminate any risk related to the use of chemical products, which are toxic and dangerous, particularly since we know the effects of these chemical materials on babies' skins. And after many years of sling use, we know how much our babies love to chew everything that comes near them – even a piece of cloth. 

Designed in France & made in Porto.


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